• Gustavo Igor Alves Buzaglo Cordovil
  • Nayarah Ferreira Melo
  • Flávio de São Pedro Filho
  • Éliton da Silva Souza
  • Carlos Alberto Paraguassu-Chaves
  • David Lopes Maciel
  • Fabrício Moraes de Almeida


Cost Accounting; Efficient Management; Business Control.


Corporate control is the set of practices adopted by an organization to monitor, regulate and direct its operations and activities in accordance with its perspectives. In this context, cost accounting brings a significant contribution to controls, as it provides relevant information on the costs involved in the production of goods or services. Thus, the present study aims to study cost accounting for business control. The methodology used is a qualitative approach and bibliographical research with data collection through books, magazines, articles, and others. As for the tool adopted, the SWOT analysis was used because it is a strategic tool used to analyze environments. In the analysis of the study, it was possible to observe that cost accounting helps to make informed decisions about prices, resource allocation, cost reduction strategies and insights into operating expenses. On the other hand, it faces challenges such as accurate allocation of costs, distinction between variable and fixed costs in operations, collection of inaccurate data and need for understanding for informed decisions. In this way, it requires greater attention to face obstacles with skill, training and the need for adaptability, as well as the search for constant improvements. Therefore, the research carried out shows that cost accounting plays a key role in efficient business control, providing detailed information on the costs involved in the production of goods or services. However, overcoming challenges in understanding and applying these techniques requires a careful approach, a solid understanding and commitment to continual improvement.


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Gustavo Igor Alves Buzaglo Cordovil, Nayarah Ferreira Melo, Flávio de São Pedro Filho, Éliton da Silva Souza, Carlos Alberto Paraguassu-Chaves, David Lopes Maciel, & Fabrício Moraes de Almeida. (2024). ANALYSIS OF COST ACCOUNTING IN BUSINESS CONTROL. InterSciencePlace, 19. Retrieved from

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